Business For Good San Diego is a nonprofit organization with a mission to unite small business owners to drive policy that improves our community. We know that good policy — the fundamental principles that guide our governments — intersects with a small business’s bottom line, the livelihood of its employees, and the health of our community.

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We almost have a choice

Have your business’ energy bills gotten out of control? Have you been one of the lucky ones to experience that oh-so-special “surge pricing”? Are you, your employees or your customers hit hard by these bills at home too? Then speak up: it’s easy and YOUR STORY MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE.

In The New Economy, Everyone Is An Investor

by Alan Haghighi, owner of FruitCraft Fermentery & Distillery There is something about the desire to get reacquainted with what it means to be human that drives the next generation of business owners we see today. We want our businesses to serve our clients’ needs while advocating social justice, a clean environment, and compassion for … Continue reading In The New Economy, Everyone Is An Investor

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“Business For Good San Diego provides me with a voice and a collective power to pursue values and ideas, and policies that benefit my business and the social health of my community.”

Juan Pablo Sanchez – Super Cocina

“I support Business For Good San Diego because I am a small business owner, a single mother, a woman, a minority and a woman of color. Being part of Business For Good San Diego helps drive important discussions on policies.”

Vilavahn Sanginthirath – Innovations City
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Our Membership

We are a values-driven membership organization supported by small business owners in San Diego County who share our values and use their influence to drive policy to improve our community. Our members benefit from education and calls to action to speak up on advocacy issues, a community of like-minded businesses who support one another, and resources to develop a voice as a thriving, values-driven small business owner.

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