2019 Board Election

The following candidates are the slate of officers proposed by the current Business for Good board of directors. Each member business has 7 total votes to allocate between the candidates. Only one vote per candidate is allowed. Clicking on a candidate’s image selects that candidate.

Voting is open for 4 weeks, until December 9th, 2019. Votes are confidential but not anonymous, only the Board President and Secretary require it to tabulate the ballots received. Swearing in of the newly elected Directors will take place at the annual meeting on December 11, 2019.

To learn more about each board member, read their bios.

Your email address counts as your official signature on this ballot.

Per Bylaws, Article VII – Section 7.4, Selection, Term of Office, and Elections: A majority vote is required for the election of Directors. In the event of a tie among two or more candidates for the final place, the nominee to be elected shall be determined by lot, or by the existing Board, at the Board’s discretion. The President or Secretary shall thereafter notify each candidate of the election results, and invite all newly elected Directors to attend the next Board meeting. Such newly elected Directors shall have no voting rights and shall not be counted toward establishing a quorum for any purpose, until after the President swears them in as Directors.