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Business For Good San Diego

Stay Tuned - Next Summit will be Thursday, November 2, 2023.

Thanks to our awesome attendees, our inaugural (Doing) Business For Good Summit on November 4th was a resounding success.

Over 120 small business owners, local representatives, sponsors, and exhibitors came together to learn how to make a greater impact in our community, connect with other values-led business owners, and stay in business—for good.

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2022 (Doing) Business For Good Awards:
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Here are the 2022 (Doing) Business for Good award winners. They each demonstrate which business practices and public policies work—and which definitely do not—for San Diego businesses looking to strengthen our community.

The Good Award: MEHKOs

In January 2022, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors launched a two-year pilot program for Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations, or “MEHKOs.”A MEHKO is a food facility operated by a resident in a private home and can serve all different types of hot and cold foods with only a few small exceptions.

MEHKOs gives talented cooks throughout San Diego County who previously had major barriers entry into the food industry—caretakers, immigrants with limited English, and low-income individuals—the ability to legally sell their home-prepared food to the public.

The San Diego Food Justice Project awarded Business for Good and other local organizations $750,000 to be given to MEHKOs in the form of microgrants. This is an amazing opportunity for people to start a micro-business from their homes, while still being able to take care of themselves and their families. 

The Bad Award: Delivery Trucks Parked in Bike Lanes

Companies like Amazon and FedEx are making truckloads of money while violating traffic laws and putting our neighbors, employees, and customers in danger.

San Diegans who choose to use these protected bike lanes instead of driving need to be guaranteed safety while doing so. Bike lanes are infrastructure strategies designed to keep cyclists safe and improve public health and air quality for all of us.

By parking in bike lanes, Amazon and FedEx are putting their profits over the health and safety of our communities.

The Ugly Award: NIMBYs

NIMBYs (“not in my backyard”) constantly oppose the construction of more dense, attainable housing in their neighborhoods.

The San Diego Regional Task Force On Homelessness just released a report that showed for every 10 unsheltered San Diegans who received supportive services in the last year,  13 people entered into homelessness for the first time. Remember that this happened during a year with COVID eviction moratoriums still in place. Now, those moratoriums have ended. We know the situation will only get worse.

San Diego needs more housing, particularly dense, urban infill at its urban core. It is time we see the suffering of our unsheltered neighbors for the crisis that it is, and act accordingly.

Claire Johnson, CEO, San Diego Magazine, presented the 2022 Good, Bad, Ugly Awards

What can I expect?

Each Summit workshop will be hosted by a panel of seasoned, purpose-driven business owners, policymakers, and/or nonprofit and public sector leaders. Sessions will focus on three key areas:

Operational—How to run a real purposeful business (with no greenwashing)
Aspirational—How to do good in business, stay in business for good, and help shape public policies that benefit all San Diegans
CommUNITY—How to engage with like-minded local people, businesses, and organizations to drive more meaningful change together

Why should I come?

The (Doing) Business For Good Summit offers a rare, centralized space to get to know 150+ values-aligned local businesses, learn how to run a sustainable business, and expand your own brand.

Plus, you’ll connect with dozens more engaged peers who care about shaping a San Diego that works better for everyone in all of our communities!


The (Doing) Business For Good Summit

Bread & Salt and Athenaeum Art Center
1955 Julian Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

Lunch is included in your ticket

10:00–10:30am Registration & Mingle
10:30–11:00am Welcome remarks & Keynote speaker
11:00–11:15am Break
11:15–12:15pm Workshops Part 1
12:15–1:30pm Lunch
1:30–2:30pm Workshops Part 2
2:30–2:45pm Break
2:45–3:45pm Workshops Part 3
3:45–4:00pm Break
4:00–4:15pm The “Good, Bad, Ugly” Awards


Schedule Details

Keynote Speaker

Gary Ware, Founder of Breakthrough Play, is a corporate facilitator, keynote speaker, certified coach, and self-proclaimed Creative Catalyst.

More about Gary

After-Summit Happy Hour-and-a-Half

Mujeres Brew House
1983 Julian Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

Your ticket includes two (2) 12oz beers and a flight of three (3) tacos

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