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Business For Good San Diego

Let’s make saving the world profitable so that more people want to do it.

Jay began computer programming at age 8 on a Commodore 64, and his love for coding has since defined his life path. As such, he co-founded Visceral in 2006 to help craft brands and experiences for visionary people, organizations and ideas that are working to make the world better. In 2016, Visceral become one of San Diego’s first Certified B Corporations as a commitment to using business as a force for good.

Jay is also a founding member of the San Diego Leadership Alliance, co-author of the book “Repurpose: Be Good At What You Do & Do Something Good” and a 2019 nominee for San Diego’s CEO of the Year. Jay enjoys traveling the world with his amazing wife, reading as many books as he can, and pretending he’s still young enough to attend punk rock concerts. Jay is passionate about climate change, conservation, scientific research, space exploration, the B Corp movement and carne asada tacos.