Membership Confirmation

Thank you for joining and welcome to the Business For Good family! You now get to enjoy the following benefits as part of your membership:

  • Your business voice is amplified
    • You now directly shape San Diego policies with values that match yours
    • You will learn about issues and be part of the solution
    • You now sit at the table with decision-makers
  • Your community has grown
    • You’re a part of a growing like-minded business network
    • You get to attend quarterly social events for free
    • You’re included in a customer-facing directory (beginning in Fall 2018)
  • You have access to more
    • You can dive into quarterly educational workshops created specifically for small business operators
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Join us at any of our upcoming meetings, committees, actions or socials – always available and updated on the Events section of our website.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to making change with the power of Business for Good alongside you.