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Business For Good San Diego

KDRO Consulting

Member since: 2021

KDRO Consulting has a simple purpose. To help make the process of marketing more efficient and more effective for your company. KDRO Consulting has a specific mission to elevate the voice, digital foot print and impact of businesses working to do good in the world. Through our Action Marketing Coaching program or media planning services we aim to help Certified B Corporations, environmental and socially responsible businesses and non profits kick butt. We are stoked to be part of Business for Good!

Who is KDRO (pronounced kaydro)? Well that’s me Kevin Drolet. I am a passionate marketer, business owner and leader with over 15 years experience in digital marketing strategy and 20 years in non-profits. I am by nature a people pleaser. When my clients are happy, I am ecstatic. When they are disappointed, I am miserable and searching for a solution. When I am helping the world be a better, healthier place I am at peace.

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