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Business For Good San Diego

Uniting business owners to drive policy that improves San Diego for all.

Why Public Policy

We know that good, equitable policy directly impacts our businesses’ bottom line. When our communities thrive, so do we. We support the communities that support us.

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Action Areas

We focus on shaping policy in the four areas we believe are most crucial to improving the health, well-being and livelihood of our local communities.

Business For Good San Diego provides me with a voice and a collective power to pursue values and ideas, and policies that benefit my business and the social health of my community.

Juan Pablo Sanchez, Owner, Super Cocina

The Impact

Business For Good puts our members directly at the tables where policy is made. Here are our current victories.

Welcoming San Diego

August 2017

Establishes a multi-sector effort to advance the civic, social and economic integration of immigrants and refugees in our community.


 Styrofoam Ban

October 2018

Bans the use and sale of harmful styrofoam products in the city of San Diego


Homelessness Toolkit

December 2018

A toolkit we developed for businesses to guide interaction and outreach to our unsheltered community members.


Community Choice Energy

September 2019

Creates a choice in energy procurement for San Diego residents, allowing for cleaner, more affordable options.