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Business For Good San Diego


San Diego’s housing and homelessness crisis affects us all

Homelessness comes at the end of a long path where many social systems have broken down – the toxic stress families live in as a result of lack of access to healthy food and affordable housing.

Local business owners see this first hand around their offices and stores, giving them a unique pulse on this crisis. They’re often the first to hear from their customers, employees and neighboring shops when homelessness conditions improve or worsen.

As such, local business owners have a powerful role to play in creating policy change that has a real impact.

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Priority Areas
  • Distributing our Homelessness Toolkit to as many businesses as possible
  • Ensuring the San Diego Regional Homelessness Task Force implements clear & actionable plans
  • Supporting bond measures that address affordable housing shortages in San Diego
  • Committing a publicly funded pool to incentivize landlord participation
  • Reviewing community planning groups’ transparency to better inform citywide development projects

Affordable housing reduces homelessness by providing the stability & security that every person needs.


Approved to solve the problem


Need for additional housing


Median rent increased since 2000
“Working with the issue committees gives me the opportunity to both be better educated on our local systems, process, and elected representatives, but it also allows me the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and drive policy. The education and the sense of having an impact are both valuable to me.”

Sam Mazzeo, Wilkmazz