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Business for Good San Diego

How To Use Our New Member Directory

You may have noticed that we have a brand new website! And with a new website comes our long-awaited member directory. The member directory will serve as the full list of all of our member businesses. Use it to connect with other business owners and support local businesses with shared values. If you’re a member of Business For Good and would like to be featured in the directory, submit this form to be listed.

We wouldn’t have this beautiful member directory without the hard work from Jay Buys and his team at Visceral. With the help of Sarah Beauchemin at Protagonist Content, they turned our old website into a beautiful, user-friendly, website that articulates our message as an organization. We’re proud to be an organization filled with so many talented members!

Use the directory to find new business, a specific service, or fellow business owners to connect with. To help people utilize the member directory to its full potential, we created this short member directory guide.

There are two primary ways to find a business in the member directory:

  • Search Bar: Type the name of a specific business to find out more details about them and their offerings. This is the best way to find contact information for a business you already know.
  • Search By Category: Find businesses in our member network by searching for the particular service they provide. This is an effective way to find potential partnerships.

On each member page you’ll find:

  • A description of the business and the services they provide.
  • Contact information – including phone numbers, emails, and physical locations.
  • Links to each of the business’s social media profiles.

We hope for this directory to turn into a comprehensive list spanning every industry and service in San Diego. Our community of like-minded businesses relies on the connections that our members make with each other, so support your fellow Business For Good members by utilizing their services and supporting people who share your values.

If you’re not a member of Business For Good, join us at our next General Meeting. We’d love to make you a part of our community.

Ashley Evans, Diamond + Branch Marketing Group

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