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Business for Good San Diego

January Policy Updates

Welcome back, and happy 2018. We wasted no time digging into our policy work. Please let us know how you’d like to join the momentum developing the small business voice in San Diego.

UPDATE: City of San Diego symposium on immigrant integration
We are a part of the business delegation helping the City of San Diego build a strategic plan for immigrant integration. If you’d like to get involved in this work, please let us know by emailing Executive Director Karim Bouris.

UPDATE: State and federal connections
Business For Good members are meeting in January with California Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins to discuss possible single payer healthcare legislation. We are also meeting with U.S. Senator Kamala Harris to discuss industry-specific implications of the farm bill on local businesses.

EDUCATE: Meet the candidates at our monthly general meetings
Get to know the front-runners in county races for the board of supervisors and the district attorney races. These conversations take place every month at our general meetings. Find more information on our calendar of events.

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